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I am an author and artist. Author of Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears and an artist who loves fantasy!

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Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror Back by SarahWaterRaven
Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror Back
The back cover of my second novel, Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror. 

The blurb reads:

“It’s been eleven years since the Great Awakening. Not much has changed around Toronto, minus the rumor there’s a new Goblin King in town and that a series of gruesome murders and disappearances are plaguing the city. Are the goblins raiding again or could this be the work of a serial killer?

With the flood of bodies and missing fairy reports, the Detective and his team have their hands full. If things weren’t bad enough, the agency has been hired by wizards. Everyone knows wizards can’t be trusted, but how far can their deception go?

A shadow has fallen over the city of Toronto. Can the Detective, along with his assistants, Ares and Alexandria, stop this wave of murders? Will their relationships survive the oncoming darkness or will they be changed forever? And will someone please name that d*mn goldfish?”

To learn more about the Detective Docherty series, click here:…

Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror Cover by SarahWaterRaven
Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror Cover
Finished my cover for my second book, Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror. Watercolour and pen. 

The cover features Alexandria, one of the Detective's assistants and her dog, Raven. Alex is a witch and part merrow. With her magickal powers she aids the detective in his work to uncover a series of murders in the city of Toronto. 

You can check out the first book here.

To see the first book cover in the series, click here

To learn about the author and artist and all about her books, please click here

Copyright Sarah WaterRaven 2015. All Rights Reserved. 
Autumn Saison Label by SarahWaterRaven
Autumn Saison Label
Here's the Autumn Saison label for BDQL that made it out to the LCBO this fall/winter. I drew the primary image and a graphic artist designed the rest of the label. I love the combination, great colour choice. Hopefully we'll see the beer and label shipping out to stores again next fall. 
Autmumn Saison by SarahWaterRaven
Autmumn Saison
I drew a black bird in autumn leaves with the silhouette of  the autumn sun for BDQL, a new Belgian Brewery up and coming here in Ontario. The beer is seasonal, but made it into stores this past fall/winter. It was great to see my image on beer labels going out to stores all over Ontario, Canada.

I didn't draw any particular species of black bird, though I am partial to ravens and crows. I wanted it to be less specific and more interpretive. 
Merfolk Thoughts by SarahWaterRaven
Merfolk Thoughts
Merfolk for my comic. It's something I've got in the works in the background (right behind my second book and audiobook). I'm just designing characters and thinking about storyline at the moment. Featured is the mer-queen, with her powerful tail and expressionless mask. In later designs I am thinking of making her physically larger than the other mer. Not fat, but larger bone structure. Behind her is a mershark and the main character, Nighmin. Nighmin is a siren. 

Here are other drawings and paintings of Nighmin:… Black and white, first comic concept… Coloured and detail image… Watercolour with a demon-lover 

I like having different versions of her, but for the comic I'll have to nail an image down :)

The picture's crap. I'll clean it up later or upload a different version. 


Original character. Copyright 2014 Sarah WaterRaven. All Rights Reserved. 
So I see I have a lot more followers, WOW! Thank you so much for following me. I really appreciate the support and hope to pump out some more artwork for you to enjoy! :heart: :heart: :hug: :heart: :heart:

I was at a convention this past weekend. I sold out of Detective Docherty and the Demon's Tears five minutes before my reading and had to borrow a book from someone in the audience! Unreal. It was a great feeling. I had A LOT of questions about when the next book is coming and if I've written anything else, so this week I finished a short story I had written two years ago and sent it to my editor. I'm hoping to get that published this month. Cover art to come. 

 I've almost finished another custom MLP (hooray Neptunetus!), and I'm working on a commission piece, acrylic on canvas for two dragon otherkin that I am really looking forward to finishing, I'm planning a comic, and I have the outline for the cover art of my second book, Detective Docherty and the Vampire's Mirror. I have already started both the Vampire's Mirror, the pony, and the dragon painting, however I am trying to allot time to all of them throughout the week and the going is slow!

I finally have employment, I am applying for school, and of course working on my second book. With all of that I hardly have time for a social life, but I manage here and there. 

I'm looking forward to finally having some art to upload and I hope everyone is well! Thanks again for following!


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Personal Quote: It is the dim haze of mystery that adds enchantment to pursuit ~Unknown

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